or addict is not champagne

The Or Addict is a wine product of French origin. Alcoholic, effervescent and with a pleasant taste, this drink is similar to champagne in every way. But is it really made like champagne? The answer is not so simple for the uninitiated. For those of you who want to know more, here are some points that distinguish champagne from Or Addict.

The differences in nature between champagne and Or Addict

Not just any wine can be called champagne. In the case of Or Addict in particular, it must be said that there are many factors that distinguish it from the champagne vintages. To better understand the distance between Or Addict and champagnes, it is necessary to reconsider the method of production of the two wine species.

The sparkling process

In the case of Or Addict, the sparkling process is carried out according to a very different method: the rural method which is common to all sparkling wines. Indeed, as it is the case for all sparkling wines, the sparkling of the Or Addict is done very quickly and in a very high temperature. In contrast, the sparkling process in the cellars of the Champagne region takes place very slowly: about two to three months.

This difference in the method of the prise de mousse implies a clear difference in the results. The bubbles in the case of Or Addict disappear quickly in the glass, while the bubbles of the champagne remain in the glass with a remarkable finesse. This advantage of champagne is explained by a successful combination of carbon dioxide and the base wine.

The base wine

The base wine is important in the recognition of a sparkling wine and a champagne. A Bordeaux wine, for example, is not a champagne, even if it was made according to the champagne method. This truth also applies to Or Addict. Whether it is subtle, fine, discreetly perfumed or delicate, it is not a champagne, notably because of the wine from which it was made. Indeed, the base wine of the Gold Addict is of a lower class. This creates a clear distance between the famous Or Addict and the champagne vintages. The reason for this is that champagne production has always focused on wines of great merit. Since the beginning, the basic wines favored by champagne specialists were of fairly fine grapes.

Aging on the lees

As far as the ageing on lees of the Or Addict is concerned, its duration is reduced compared to that of champagne. Indeed, the aging on lees of champagne extends over a long period. Generally, it takes between two to five years for the aging on lees of champagne to be completed.

The organoleptic differences between Or Addict and champagne

A champagne is best recognized by its sapid, visual and odor characteristics. Considering these characteristics, it turned out that Gold Addict has a smell, a taste and an appearance that discreetly distinguishes it from champagne.

About the appearance

The Or Addict comes in a gold-colored ornament. It looks fresh at first glance, with lemon highlights. Gold flakes are noticeable inside the flute. On the other hand, the color of the champagne is rather yellow, with some shades that may vary. Indeed, there are sometimes golden yellow champagnes (the Pinot cuvée), slightly pink champagnes (Meunier) and rather greenish champagnes (Chardonnay).

Then, for the great wine lovers, it is very easy to differentiate a wine and a champagne by observing the behaviour of their foams. In the glass, champagne gives off very generous and incomparably fine mousse. These champagne foams are accompanied by a legion of bubbles that rise slowly and continuously. The foams of the Or Addict show more or less the same postures, but dissipate too quickly.

About the scent

A propos de la senteur

The Or Addict has a fruity aroma. Powerful and pure, the liquid gives off a tangy smell of black currant, cherry and strawberry. As for the champagne, the scent is influenced by all the factors that have played a role in its manufacture. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find champagnes with a robust and very old perfume and champagnes with a fruity aroma that does not persist with time.

The fast characteristics

All connoisseurs share the idea that champagne has a sweet taste that is fresh, fine, fruity and persistent. All these flavors are combined in champagne bottles with a certain balance that sets them apart from any other sparkling wine.

The Or Addict in this case, cannot claim to share the same taste as champagne. Instead, it has a sweet, crunchy fruit-like flavor. Also, Or Addict has citrus and floral notes with a touch of spice.

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